📊 Unleashing Power in the Palm of Your Hand: Introducing the UTG900E Series waveform generator

In the dynamic world of electronics, having a reliable and portable waveform generator is a game-changer. Enter the UTG900E Series - a handheld, mini, and budget-friendly arbitrary function waveform generator designed for electronics enthusiasts seeking high performance without breaking the bank.


🚀 Compact Powerhouse: The UTG900E Series boasts an impressive set of specifications, including a maximum output frequency of 60 MHz, a sample rate of 200 MSa/s, and a vertical resolution of 14 bits. With 2 channels at your disposal, this mini generator is a versatile tool for a variety of testing scenarios.

  • Mini Palm-sized Signal Generator: The compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect on-the-go companion for your testing needs.

  • Multiple Waveform Signals: Equipped with 2 channels supporting sine wave, square, ramp, pulse, noise, DC, and arbitrary waveforms, the UTG900E adapts to your signal requirements seamlessly.

  • Modulation Mastery: Easily modulate your signals with AM, FM, PM, and FSK modulation types, providing a spectrum of possibilities for signal output.

  • Arbitrary Waveforms Storage: With 24 non-volatile digital arbitrary waveform storage options, the UTG900E Series ensures you have the flexibility needed for diverse applications.

  • Sweeping Success: The linear and logarithmic scan types of the sweep function enable comprehensive testing, allowing you to scan from low to high or high to low effortlessly.



Compact, budget-friendly, and versatile, the UTG900E Series delivers a 60 MHz waveform generator with 2 channels, supporting various signals and modulation types. Mini-sized, with 24 waveform storage options and sweeping capabilities, redefine convenience for on-the-go testing. Check out on UNI-T SHOP and empower your testing endeavors.

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