📟Precision Unleashed: UT622 Series Handheld LCR Meters

In the intricate world of electronic measurements, the UT622 Series Handheld LCR meters stand as beacons of precision and efficiency. These compact devices pack a punch with features that cater to a myriad of professional needs, from laboratories to production lines and maintenance points.


Precision Meets Speed:

Boasting a remarkable 0.1% accuracy and a maximum test frequency of 100kHz, the UT622 Series ensures dependable measurements at a rapid rate of 20 times per second. This high precision, coupled with a clear and intuitive 2.8-inch TFT LCD display, makes it an invaluable tool for any scenario.

Functionality at Your Fingertips:

The function panel simplifies operation, featuring a power switch, arrow keys, trigger key, secondary parameter selection, frequency selection, and more. The meters also offer advanced modes like recording and tolerance modes for dynamic data statistics and component sorting.

Powering Possibilities:

The UT622 Series supports two power supply methods – lithium polymer battery and USB power adapter, providing flexibility and continuous operation.

Model Overview:

  • UT622A: Test Frequency 10kHz, Test Rate 20Time/s, No Recording Mode
  • UT622C: Test Frequency 100kHz, Test Rate 20Time/s,  No Recording Mode
  • UT622E: Test Frequency 100kHz, Test Rate 20Time/s, Recording Mode



Upgrade your measurement capabilities with the UT622 Series and experience precision, speed, and versatility in a handheld package. Visit UNI-T SHOP for more info and unleash the power of accurate electronic measurements.

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