Unveiling the Cutting-Edge UPO2000E Series Oscilloscopes: A Technological Marvel

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic testing and measurement, the UPO2000E Series stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. This series, boasting groundbreaking technology, industry-leading specifications, powerful trigger functions, and extensive analysis capabilities, offers unprecedented value for a diverse range of customer applications.



UPO2000E Series Overview:

  • Bandwidth: Choose between 70MHz and 100MHz;
  • Analog Channels: Select 2 or 4 channels;
  • Real-Time Sample Rate: Up to 1GSa/s;
  • Memory Depth: Standard 56Mpts;
  • Waveform Capture Rate: 80,000wfms/s;

Display Features:

  1. Digital Fluorescent Display:

    • Utilizes a digital fluorescent display with 256-level grayscale capability.
  2. Waveform Probability Display:

    • Reflects the probability of waveform appearance, ensuring clear visibility of waveform changes.

Storage and Capture Capabilities:

  1. Storage Depth:

    • Offers excellent storage depth of up to 56Mpts, allowing users to capture longer time signals without losing waveform details.
  2. Waveform Capture Rate:

    • High waveform capture rate of up to 80,000wfms/s, enabling the discovery of occasional problems in time and improving the ability to capture low-probability events.

Time Base and Channel Adjustability:

  1. Independent Time Base:
    • Each channel has an independently adjustable time base, facilitating simultaneous observation of four channels with significantly different signals.

Data Measurement Functions:

  1. Rich Data Measurement Functions:
    • Supports 34 automatic measurement parameter functions.
    • Features Zoom, Math, statistics, and advanced calculation functions.

Additional Information:

  1. Trigger System:

    • Boasts an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter.
  2. Vertical Scale Input Range:

    • Offers a minimum vertical scale input range of 1mV/div.
  3. Options and Accessories:

  4. Video and FAQs:

    • May include video demonstrations and frequently asked questions for user assistance.



This series seems to offer a comprehensive set of features for various applications, providing users with advanced capabilities for waveform analysis. Users can benefit from the high sample rate, storage depth, and a range of measurement functions for in-depth signal analysis.

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