Unleashing the Power of the UTS1000B Series Spectrum Analyzers

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, precision and reliability in electronic measurements are paramount. The UTS1000B series spectrum analyzers, with their extensive frequency range and superior performance, are designed to meet these demands across various industries. Whether you're involved in communication, semiconductor research, industrial electronics, or field maintenance, the UTS1000B series offers unmatched capabilities to elevate your frequency domain analysis.

Key Features of the UTS1000B Series

Wide Frequency Range: 9kHz to 3.2GHz

The UTS1000B series spectrum analyzers boast a broad frequency range of 9kHz to 3.2GHz, making them suitable for a wide array of applications. From radio frequency (RF) testing to advanced signal analysis, these analyzers provide the versatility required in modern electronic design and diagnostics.

High Resolution Bandwidth (RBW): 1Hz to 1MHz

With an RBW spanning from 1Hz to 1MHz, the UTS1000B series ensures precise measurement and resolution of signals. This high resolution allows for detailed analysis of complex signals and the ability to distinguish between closely spaced spectral components.

Exceptional Phase Noise Performance: -98dBc/Hz @10kHz

Low phase noise is critical for accurate signal analysis, and the UTS1000B series excels in this area with a phase noise of -98dBc/Hz at 10kHz. This feature minimizes signal distortion and enhances measurement accuracy, crucial for applications in communication and radar systems.

Superior DANL: < -161dBm

The Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) of less than -161dBm highlights the UTS1000B series' ability to detect and measure very low-level signals. This capability is essential for applications requiring high sensitivity and low noise, such as in semiconductor testing and sensitive electronic component analysis.

10001 Scanning Points

The ability to scan up to 10001 points provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the frequency spectrum. This high scanning resolution enables the UTS1000B series to effectively capture and display even the most minute and transient signals, facilitating thorough signal analysis and troubleshooting.

Multiple Traces and Detector Functions

With four traces available, the UTS1000B series allows for comparative observation and easier identification of abnormal signals. Additionally, the rich detector functions—including Positive Peak, Negative Peak, Sampling, Standard, Average, and Quasi-peak—provide flexibility in signal analysis, catering to a variety of testing scenarios.

Advanced Analysis Functions

The UTS1000B series spectrum analyzers come equipped with advanced analysis functions such as Channel Power, Time Domain Power, Occupied Bandwidth, Third Order Intermodulation, Adjacent Channel Power, Spectrum Monitoring, Carrier-to-Noise Ratio, and Harmonic Analysis. These functions offer comprehensive tools for in-depth signal evaluation and optimization.

EMI Pre-compliance Analysis

For applications requiring electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing, the UTS1000B series offers optional EMI pre-compliance analysis components. Combined with near-field probes, these components help identify and rectify EMI defects early in the design process, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

User-Friendly Interface: 10.1 inch HD Capacitive Touch Screen

The UTS1000B series features a 10.1 inch high-definition capacitive touch screen, providing an intuitive and interactive user experience. The large, multi-touch display simplifies operation, allowing for quick and efficient setup and analysis.

Model Comparison

The UTS1000B series includes four models to cater to different needs:

  1. UTS1015B: Frequency range of 9kHz to 1.5GHz, no tracking generator.
  2. UTS1015T: Frequency range of 9kHz to 1.5GHz, includes a tracking generator.
  3. UTS1032B: Frequency range of 9kHz to 3.2GHz, no tracking generator.
  4. UTS1032T: Frequency range of 9kHz to 3.2GHz, includes a tracking generator.

Each model is designed to deliver high performance and reliability, with the choice of a tracking generator for additional signal analysis capabilities.


The UTS1000B series spectrum analyzers stand out for their wide frequency range, high resolution, and advanced features, making them indispensable tools in various electronic testing and analysis fields. Whether you're conducting research, developing new technologies, or performing routine maintenance, these analyzers provide the precision and versatility needed to achieve accurate and reliable results.

Explore the UTS1000B series today and experience the difference in your frequency domain analysis.

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