Thermal Vision Anywhere, Anytime: Smartphone Thermal Cameras

Unleash the power of thermal imaging with UTi120M for Android and UTi120MS for iPhone – compact, efficient, and perfect for DIYers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals alike.


Crystal-Clear Imaging on the Go

With an impressive IR resolution of 120x90, 120Mobile ensures crystal-clear thermal imaging. Troubleshoot HVAC problems or explore heat source issues with a fast response and accurate temperature readings of up to 400℃.



Temperature Mastery and Intelligent Analysis

The 120Mobile variant empowers users with a broad temperature measurement range from -20℃ to 400℃. Auto alarms for high/low temperatures and auto tracking for hot spots/cold spots provide real-time insights. The on-display screen analyzer offers advanced analysis options, allowing users to interpret thermal patterns effortlessly.


Multifunctional Marvel for Users

Capture thermal discoveries seamlessly with image capture and video recording features. Customize your thermal experience with seven color palettes, including White hot, Black hot, Red hot Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, and Rainbow HC. The 1m extension cable enhances flexibility, while the 1m drop-proof design ensures durability.




Embark on a journey of discovery with the UTi120M Series - your ultimate Smartphone Thermal Camera solution. Whether you're an Android enthusiast or an iPhone aficionado, these devices bring the power of thermal imaging to your fingertips. Choose 120Mobile for Android or UTi120MS for iPhone and explore new horizons with the smartest smartphone thermal cameras on UNI-Trend EU.

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