The formation and development of electrical equipment faults are closely related to temperature rise. With the increasing scale of power system, the traditional manual inspection has been unable to meet the demand. Thermal imagers provide real-time thermal images with measured temperature, which is a basis for the detection and maintenance of power industry.

  • Measure distribution cabinet in advance to locate faults, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure it operates effectively and safely. Abnormal heat phenomenon can be caused by oxidation, corrosion and loosening of contacts of switches, contactors, transformers and other devices on the power side. Thermal imagers can reliably predict and evaluate the early failure, insulation performance and heat of the distribution box.

  • Due to the complex operating environment, long operating time and other factors, the power equipment and circuits will have thermal defects. Non-contact thermal imagers are optimal choices to detect them. With temperature measurement, image analysis, intelligent diagnosis and other technologies, operators can timely find risks and defects at a safe distance to reduce the accidents and ensure the normal operation of the power grid.

  • Thermal imagers are used to detect the heat distribution of solar panel components to find and locate the problem root, shorten the troubleshooting time and improve the maintenance efficiency.