UTi120T Wärmebildkamera im Taschenformat

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UTi120T Wärmebildkamera im Taschenformat


Technische Daten
IR-Auflösung (Pixel) 120×90
Anzeige 3,5-Zoll-TFT-Touchscreen (320 x 240)
Sichtfeld (FOV) 50°×38°
Thermische Empfindlichkeit (NETD) ≤60 mK
Räumliche Auflösung (IFOV) 7,6 mrad
Bildfrequenz ≤25 Hz
Spektralbereich 7,5~14 µm
Fokus Fokusfrei
Temperaturmessbereich -20℃~400℃
Genauigkeit ±2℃ oder ±2%, je nachdem, welcher Wert größer ist
Emissionsgrad 0,01–1,00 einstellbar (0,95 Standard)


Anwendungen von UTi120T

Pipeline Inspection:

Aging, corrosion, blockage, leakage, and other faults can appear during pipeline inspection. With the help of thermal camera UTi120T, faults can be quickly located.

UTi120T inspection 2


Motor Inspection

Faults such as wiring error, overload, unbalanced-load, component failure of motor equipment in production can be detected by thermal imager. Detecting faults in timely fashion helps to ensure safety of productions.

UTi120T inspection 1


Power Distribution Cabinet Inspection

Measuring distribution cabinet in advance to determine possible fault locations and to reduce maintenance costs. Abnormal thermal phenomenon caused by oxidation, corrosion and loosening of switches, contacts, transformers, and other parts can quickly be found using this UTi120T thermal camera.

UTi120T inspection 3

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UTi120T User Manual


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UTi120T PC Software (.exe)


UTi120T PC Software (.zip)


UTi120T PC Software (.zip)

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